One of the first

Cliquez sur l'image pour l'agrandir This is one of the first Marc Stielow's car.This 67 Camaro is equipped with Corvette wheels and improved chassis and engine...
The Camaro that does it all. And we do mean does it all. From its 315/35ZR-17 rear rubber, brake rotors as big as trash can lids, suspension geometry that early-Camaro owners would kill for, awesome combination of ride quality (even air conditioning), and handling, to the splayed-valve, GTP-based, 670-plus-hp small-block and six-speed trans, Stielow’s piece is without a doubt the coolest Camaro of all time.

Will Handzel accompanied Stielow on a few legs of the One Lap Of America race (which is why he built the car) and says, “Stielow’s car does the incredible so effortlessly, you almost don’t realize what is happening. During One Lap, I watched the car set fast time in its class on the road course at Heartland Park, beating other serious machinery. After driving it, I can only hope my next hot rod is as much fun and as enjoyable to drive as this car. Add to all this the fact that he built the car at night [with the help of Mallett Motorsports] in less than six months! This car is so great, it’s on my all-time Top 10 list.”

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aller ... aller Dav' met nous un post de plus steplait que l'on voie ce que la donne ...
et alors ce design , te plait il ?

Écrit par : teddy qui dit ... | 02/06/2005

hello oui nickel, minute, je cherche des infos en plus des photos, faut pas mourrir idiot!!! Thanks dude...

Écrit par : Dav | 02/06/2005

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