For power: GM Performance Parts ZZ502 short-block.  9.5:1 compression has been upped to 10.5:1 by having the block decked.  bearings and rings upgraded ,custom Crane hydraulic roller cam (.640-inch lift, 296 degree duration).
Induction:  Stage 2 aluminum Brodix heads topped with an AS&M fuel-injection manifold sporting an 1100-cfm throttle body.
Exhaust: custom 2-inch coated Hooker Super Comp headers and a 3-inch Flowmaster exhaust.
Cooling : Be Cool aluminum radiator and electric fans.
HP: 585 reliable horsepower on pump gas
The engine has been set back 1.5 inches and lowered 1 inch, thus preserving the stock hood line and improving weight bias and handling. Topping off the engine compartment, a custom air intake was fabbed by Desmond using a 3-inch mandrel tubing kit from Summit.

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