Foose and the Camaro

A mild 350hp/350ci ZZ4 crate motor is standard, and the next step up is a 390hp 6.0L LS2. For torque junkies, there's an optional 620hp 572 big-block, which can be had with a Hogan's EFI intake manifold. Likewise, there's a fuel-injection option for the ZZ4, and a Magnuson supercharger is offered on the LS2 to bump up hp to 525. Feeding the mills are a standard 16-gallon or an optional 22-gallon Fuel Safe fuel cell, and they bark out dual 2.5-inch pipes through Spintech mufflers. All Foose Camaros will include stout drivelines consisting of a Tremec TKO five-speed trans, and a 3.25:1-geared Currie 9-inch rearend with a Detroit Truetrac diff.

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