GT 350 SR

The GT350SR
While the GT500E was inspired in part by the Eleanor movie car and in part by the Shelby GT500, the new GT350SR is more of a purist's musclecar based on the original GT350R. Built by Shelby to compete in SCCA B/Production from '65 to '67, the "R" variant boasted more power, a stiffer chassis and suspension, and race-prepped brakes and tires compared to its street counterpart, while weighing over 200 pounds less. As a dedicated race car that won its class for three consecutive years, the GT350R is one of the rarest and most decorated Mustangs of all time, while the street version is one of the most popular musclecars to clone. That long list of credentials made it a natural candidate for Shelby and Unique Performance to recreate.



see http://popularhotrodding.com/features/0601phr_uniq/

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