Who hasn't heard about Mark Stielow in the pro-touring scene?? the best "private" street machine builder in America as he doesn't build "customer" cars.

This Malibu called "Malitude" is obviously far bigger than any car he had built. It has an automatic transmission. It has twin turbochargers, making for the most powerful combination that he had installed in any of his top Chevys built in the past 12 years.



The engine is a Tom Nelson-built 372 small-block with :

-a Dart Little M block,

-Pro Topline 228cc cylinder heads,

-Oliver 6.125 inch rods made from 4340 steel,

-JE pistons with a 28cc dish,

-COMP valvetrain,

-a Vintage Air FrontRunner accessory drive 

-a stock-stroke crank.

-A Holley Stealth manifold

-a pair of Holley's 58mm throttle bodies 

-Electromotive fuel injection  

 On the dyno the 8.5:1 compression engine makes over 1,000hp and more than 700 lb.-ft. of torque with 10 pounds of boost in pump gas configuration with a pair of T-60 turbos from Innovative Turbo Systems.  

With race fuel, this combo made 1,000hp with 18 pounds of boost!




Chassis and suspension :

-Hotchkis Performance supplied springs,

-a B-body spindle conversion,

-tubular control arms, 

-hollow sway bars 

-Baer's 13-inch Grand Touring Plus system 

-minitub job for the rear wheels



Wheels and tires:

 Rear: Yokohama AVS Sport radials in 315/35-17  on 17x11 Budnik GTX wheels in a satin finish 

 Front :   Yokohama 245/40-17 on 17x8.5







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Xtrem Nova

Some guys start with a small project, better brakes, bigger engine, good suspension, and so on, ....and they end with a killer car with extreme performances and goodies under the body... Can't blame them


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Foose and the Camaro

Baer 12-inch drilled and slotted rotors are at each corner, with two-piston PBR calipers in the front (a slight premium adds six-pistons) and single-piston units in the back. Getting the power down are 295/35R18 BFGs, and 245/40-18 rubber takes care of direction changes.


The base price is $124,000, and Unique will build you a convertible for just $15,000 more.


Thanks to : http://popularhotrodding.com/features/0601phr_uniq/index1...

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Foose and the Camaro

A mild 350hp/350ci ZZ4 crate motor is standard, and the next step up is a 390hp 6.0L LS2. For torque junkies, there's an optional 620hp 572 big-block, which can be had with a Hogan's EFI intake manifold. Likewise, there's a fuel-injection option for the ZZ4, and a Magnuson supercharger is offered on the LS2 to bump up hp to 525. Feeding the mills are a standard 16-gallon or an optional 22-gallon Fuel Safe fuel cell, and they bark out dual 2.5-inch pipes through Spintech mufflers. All Foose Camaros will include stout drivelines consisting of a Tremec TKO five-speed trans, and a 3.25:1-geared Currie 9-inch rearend with a Detroit Truetrac diff.

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Foose and the Camaro

The custom seats, lower console, and door panels are blacked out, nicely contrasting the billet shifter, LeCarra steering wheel, and silver Auto Meter gauges. There's a four-point rollbar just in case, and a five-point harness for swift road-course work. Should you feel like driving it to work, a Sony four-speaker stereo and A/C is standard, and should you decide to drive it across the country, the optional GPS navigation will plot your course while the DVD player will keep passengers entertained. There's even a power window option for an easier drive-thru experience.

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Foose and the Camaro

"Although I'm asked continually to produce limited quantities of stunning one-off vehicles that I have completed, our company is not set up for that type of production," says Foose. "Working with Unique Performance will allow me to create exciting new designs that can be built for a limited number of customers who value style, performance, and exclusivity."

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