GT 350 SR

The GT350SR
While the GT500E was inspired in part by the Eleanor movie car and in part by the Shelby GT500, the new GT350SR is more of a purist's musclecar based on the original GT350R. Built by Shelby to compete in SCCA B/Production from '65 to '67, the "R" variant boasted more power, a stiffer chassis and suspension, and race-prepped brakes and tires compared to its street counterpart, while weighing over 200 pounds less. As a dedicated race car that won its class for three consecutive years, the GT350R is one of the rarest and most decorated Mustangs of all time, while the street version is one of the most popular musclecars to clone. That long list of credentials made it a natural candidate for Shelby and Unique Performance to recreate.



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GT 350 SR

Regardless of how it's ordered, each GT350SR gets its own Shelby serial number that will be listed in the Shelby American World Registry. That means a few different things. First of all, it's a gesture that the continuation cars are recognized as genuine Shelby vehicles. Secondly, it prevents someone from trying to pass off a continuation car as one of the original Shelbys built in the '60s. And finally, it prevents someone from building a car in their garage and claiming it's a continuation vehicle.Prices start at $109,000.



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GT 350 SR

Stopping duties are performed by 13-inch slotted and cross-drilled rotors with two-piston Baer calipers at the bow, and 12-inch rotors with single-piston calipers at the rear. Making the best use of the impressive hardware is a set of 17-inch Shelby R-style wheels wearing BFG 245/45R17 and 315/35R17 tires front and rear.

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GT 350 SR

 Unique Performance shop is like nothing you've ever seen before. 30,000-square-foot assembly facility is like a scaled-down OEM assembly line, but with pristine vintage musclecars instead of plebeian late-models, and hot rodders in lieu of unionized little old ladies. At any given time, roughly 15-20 cars await as technicians scramble to fit them with racing seats, coilovers, stereo systems, big-brake kits, nitrous bottles, and big blocks. In the distance, the faint hissing of paint guns and the scratching of sandpaper resonates.

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GT 350 SR

The base powerplant is a Shelby-built 331ci small-block putting out 410 hp. A 475hp 408 is optional, and both mate to a Tremec T5 five-speed transmission. The big hoss, however, is a Windsor-based 427 all-aluminum small-block. With CNC-ported Brodix aluminum heads, a healthy hydraulic roller cam, and ultra-trick Weber-style throttle stacks with EFI, it cranks out 585 healthy ponies. The added grunt is dispersed through a Tremec TKO five-speed that is hydraulically actuated for lighter pedal pressure. An aluminum driveshaft and a Currie 9-inch rearend with 3.25:1 cogs and a limited-slip differential send the power the rest of the way.

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GT 350 SR



 Shelby high-bucket vinyl seats hold you in place as you carve out lines with the LeCarra 15-inch wooden steering wheel and power rack.  Four-point rollbar add extra measures of safety. A full slew of Shelby gauges report the vitals, and the fiberglass front clip and quarter-panel flares pare weight and add visual kick. Options abound as well, including leather-wrapped seats, a five-point quick-release harness, Plexiglass quarter-windows, a 22-gallon fuel cell, functional front and rear brake ducts, a trunk-mounted battery, and a full-size spare that can be showcased beneath a Plexiglass rear window.

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GT 350 SR

Unique Performance is at it again, following up the phenomenal success of its first Shelby continuation car--the GT500E--with the GT350SR, a modernized version of the original '65-67 GT350R. However, that's just the nipple on the tire tread, because while Mustangs are what made the company famous, Unique's passions envelop the entire musclecar spectrum. Consequently, Unique has teamed up with Chip Foose and Year One to offer a limited-edition line of musclecars and, as no surprise, a run of '69 Camaros is the first in the series.

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