• Stance is achieved in front with 18 x 7-inch Delta-V wheels wrapped with Nitto 225/40R18s.
  • In front: Superior 2-inch drop spindles is equipped with Baer brakes (13.6-inch rotors with 2-piston PBR calipers up front and 11.6-inch rotors with single-piston calipers in the rear). 
  • Hotchkis A-body suspension parts are used with additional help from Energy Urethane bushings,
  • Koni coil-overs,
  • and a custom 8-point roll bar.

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  • The interior has been carefully crafted with chopped Recaro seats,
  •  a custom console with integral switch panel,
  • a custom trans tunnel and firewall,
  • a B&M shifter,
  • a brace of AutoMeter Pro Comp gauges in a custom gauge panel,
  •  fresh black leather upholstery by Ward Interiors,
  • a Painless wiring harness, charcoal paint

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The rear quarters have been modified; each side has been widened by 1.25 inches and each wheel opening has been stretched and sectioned with additional quarter panels from OPG. The enlarged rear wheel arches house Nitto 305/50R20s mounted on custom 20 x 11-inch wheels. The rear received a modified Alston four-link kit and a Fab 9 rear with a Detroit locker packing 4.88 gears.

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For power: GM Performance Parts ZZ502 short-block.  9.5:1 compression has been upped to 10.5:1 by having the block decked.  bearings and rings upgraded ,custom Crane hydraulic roller cam (.640-inch lift, 296 degree duration).
Induction:  Stage 2 aluminum Brodix heads topped with an AS&M fuel-injection manifold sporting an 1100-cfm throttle body.
Exhaust: custom 2-inch coated Hooker Super Comp headers and a 3-inch Flowmaster exhaust.
Cooling : Be Cool aluminum radiator and electric fans.
HP: 585 reliable horsepower on pump gas
The engine has been set back 1.5 inches and lowered 1 inch, thus preserving the stock hood line and improving weight bias and handling. Topping off the engine compartment, a custom air intake was fabbed by Desmond using a 3-inch mandrel tubing kit from Summit.

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Mike Desmond one of the top designers at Mitsubishi's California-based design center and his two brothers Pete and Joe made this car together....They build it as he was still working at the Japanese builder center, it took three weeks to redo the body and paint, the paint is a silver hue called Dimont BC 151. They did it at lunch and at night with the help of the Mitsu guys...

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Chevelle 65

Six years ago, this chevelle was a rotting carcass languishing in the San Bernardino area...

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Battle Axe

The interior is build in resto-flavored style, paying attention to the stock roots of the car while providing a comfortable and attractive way with black vinyl and houndstooth cloth looks perfectly at home among the rest of the factory goodies and aftermarket additions. A combination of top-end Blaupunkt components (head unit, CD player, and speakers) is urged by Bazooka amplifiers to provide enough decibel .

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